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DSC was established in 1966. Today, DSC’s family of companies can provide insurance and/or financing for you through our office or with one of our authorized dealerships. Our staff’s professional service and friendly attitude will make your association with DSC a pleasant experience.

Whether you're an individual, lender, dealer or realtor...DSC can help!
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1515 Perry Highway

Portersville PA 16051

Phone: (724) 368-3881

WATTS: (800) 642-0788

Fax: (724) 368-3105


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In business since , the Insurance Agency knows how to save you money on home, life, and auto insurance. Our top priority is to develop professional personal relationships with our clients, allowing us to grow with you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
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1515 Perry Highway
Portersville PA 16051
Phone: (724) 368-3881 Fax: (724) 368-9746
Toll Free: (800) 642-0788
Email: dscinsurance@dsc-incorporated.com

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We recommend an annual review of your policy. We will review your policy at renewal and then will follow up with you with any recommendations that we may have.

Insurance Innovation

considers itself at the forefront of innovation and technology. Please feel free to review all of our product lines by clicking on the graphic to the left. Please also feel free to join one of our social networks where you can connect with us on a more personal level!

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